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  • Horween CXL: Most of our products are made with leather from the world renowned tannery, Horween. Of the dozens of tanneries that existed in Chicago in the late 19th century, Horween Leather Company is the only tannery that remains in operation today. It is also one of the few tanneries that are in operation in the entire United States. We stock Horween's Chromexcel leather in 4 different colors: black, brown, burgundy, and red. This leather was chosen because they have been making this type for over 90 years by infusing it with a special blend of oils and waxes that make it a very rich and durable leather. Even though it is extremely durable, it will retain its color and softness for many generations.
  • Natural Vegetable Tanned Leather: The vegetable tanned leather that we use is the same thickness as our Horween Chromexcel leather. It has a medium temper and is very durable. This leather is a popular choice for those who want an item that will take on its own unique and rich patina as it gets broken in. The main tanning agent in our veg tanned leather is Quebracho extract from Quebracho trees that grow primarily in the Chaco region of Argentina. This extract gives the leather a special reddish color with an unmistakable warm touch and strength. Leather produced using Quebracho extract only gets better over time. In fact, the tree derives its name from quiebrahacha, which means "axe-breaker" and its extract is only usable from trees with a minimum age of 80 years. 
  • Glazed Harness Leather: This leather is only used for our travel trays and coasters. It is twice as thick as the other leathers that we carry and we offer it in black, brown, and tan. The thickness and quality of this leather is overkill for coasters and travel trays, but we manufacture our products to last a lifetime which makes it perfect for items that might take a beating. 


  • Polyester Thread: Polyester thread is the industry standard for use in high quality leather goods and we purchase some of the best thread available which comes from an American factory that uses techniques from the 1950's. Polyester thread has good resistance to bleaches, acids, and mildew. Prolonged exposure to sunlight can cause some loss of strength, but not deterioration. Polyester thread is about half as strong as similar sized Kevlar™ thread, and it will melt at 483ºF. This thread will stretch about 25% before it breaks which can be beneficial if you plan to stuff your wallet with more than the recommended amount of cards. If thread color is important to you, you will get the most color options with polyester thread. The main drawback with polyester thread is that sand will wreak havok on it because the sand particles will get between the fibers and start destroying the thread. If you plan on taking your product to the beach or if you are getting deployed, we would recommend Kevlar™ thread.
  • Kevlar™ Thread: Kevlar™ thread is one of the strongest and most heat resistant commercially available threads. It is about 2 times stronger than polyester, only stretches 2% before breaking, does not melt, and decomposes at 800ºF. Kevlar™ thread has good resistance to acids and mildew; however, it needs to avoid bleach. Another disadvantage to Kevlar™ is that prolonged exposure to sunlight can cause deterioration. Filament Kevlar™ thread only comes in two colors; natural yellow and black (very rare). It has very good abrasion resistance and is almost 6 times more expensive than Polyester thread of the same size. Because of Kelvar's incredible strength, if you insert too many cards in your wallet, it could cause the leather to "pucker" around the stitches and possibly cut through the leather.