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Coin Top - Susan B. Anthony

$ 14.00

This Coin Top from Spinning Coins is crafted from a single U.S. Susan B. Anthony dollar and can achieve spin times over 5 minutes! Impress your friends with this unique top that can't be found anywhere else. Coin Tops also make a great gift for anyone who collects toys, coins, or unique products. 


  • Average spin time is 2-3 minutes
  • To achieve longer spin times, you will need the right surface and lots of practice
  • Leather • Works is the exclusive retailer for Spinning Coins 
  • Spinning base is not included 

Other Notes:

  • Due to the cost of sourcing uncirculated coins and the nature of the manufacturing process, we use circulated coins to keep Coin Tops affordable. This means your Coin Top may have some minor scratches, blemishes and wear. 
  • Warranty: None